Set Theory Formulas & Identities

Set theory Formulas

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Set Theory Identities

  • Sets: A, B, C
  • Universal Set: I
  • Complement: A’
  • Proper Subset: A ⊂ B
  • Empty Set: ∅
  • Union of Sets: A ∪ B
  • Intersection of Sets: A ∩ B
  • Difference of Set: A\B

Set Theory Formulas

  • A⊂I
  • A⊂A
  • A=B if A⊂B and B⊂A
  • Empty Set: ∅⊂A
  • Union of Sets: C = A∪B = {X|X∈A or X∈B}
  • Union of Commutative Sets: A∪B = B∪A
  • Union of Associativity Sets: A∪(B∪C) = (A∪B)∪C
  • Intersection of Sets: C = A∩B = {X|X∈A or X∈B}
  • Intersection of Commutative Sets: A∩B = B∩A
  • Intersection of Associativity Sets: A∩(B∩C) = (A∩B)∩C
  • Distributive: A∪(B∩C) = (A∪B)∩(A∪C) and A∩(B∪C) = (A∩B)∪(A∩C)
  • Idempotency: A∪A = A, A∪A = A
  • Domination: A∩∅ = ∅, A∪I = I
  • Identity: A∪∅ = A, A∩I = A
  • Complement = A’= {X∈I|X∉A}
  • Complement of intersection and Union: A∪A’ = I, A∩A’ = ∅
  • De Morgan’s Law: (A∪B)’ = A’∩B’, (A∩B)’ = A’∪B’
  • Difference Sets: C = B\A = {X|X∈B or X∉A}
  • B\A = B\(A∩B)
  • B\A = B∩A’
  • A\A = ∅
  • A\B = A if A∩B = ∅
  • (A\B)∩C=(A∩C)\(B∩C)
  • A’ = I\A
  • Cartesian Product : C = A X B = {(x,y)| X∈A and y∈B}

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