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What Is The Difference Between Python And C#?

Both C# and Python are object-oriented languages. One major considerable difference between them is that Python is a procedural language, whereas C# is a completely object-oriented language. Moreover, Python is a dynamically interpreted language, whereas C# is statically written.

Difference between Python and C#

As far as speed of both Python and C# programs is concerned, there is not a noticeable difference between the program’s execution speed of these languages. Well, if you are confused that which language you should use to write an efficient program, then this article is for you. Here we would discuss

What is Python?

Python is an interactive, object-oriented and high-level language that was created by Guido van Rossum in the time-period 1985-1990. It is a high-level scripting language and is considered as an extremely clear language. The syntax of Python language is quite simple and user-friendly just like English language sentences, wherever other languages use complex syntax.

Python is a runtime interpreted language, so you need not compile the program before executing it. This feature of Python is just like PHP and PERL. Below are some of the useful features of Python:

Python syntaxes are quite user-friendly and interactive. It uses the object concept to encapsulate the code. For beginner’s, it is considered as one of the best languages.

What is C#?

C# is a language of Microsoft that is approved by the ISO or International Standard Organization. It is a straightforward language that is developed by Andres Hejlsberg and his team members. It is usually considered as CLI or common language infrastructure that has a workable code. C# is also a completely object-oriented language that is a quite simple and structured language. It has the following features:

Comparison between C# and Python according to Features

Community Support

As C# is a product of the Microsoft solution ecosystem, so you may have to pay some extra bucks to get proper and dedicated support. You can even get required and emergency support whenever required.  Python developers can only get support from Python community members that can be quite supportive and passionate. Python community members are the experienced Python programmers, so they can provide real-time help that may and may not be reliable.

Cost of the Platforms

C# that is a Microsoft program or language comes for some cost, while Python is available free of charge. There is a resourceful ecosystem and vast support community also present for C#, while Python is an open-source language, that has supportive and free to use community. If you have a limited budget for your project to build your product then Python is a useful platform. If there is no issue of budget, then you may opt for C#.

Easy to Use

If you want to check the popularity status of both the languages, then no doubt both the languages are at the same popularity level. C# is usually preferred by the programmers as it is a completely object-oriented language and Java programmers can easily pick up this language. Moreover, the users who want to develop a Microsoft platform based project also use c# that can be easily integrated with Microsoft .Net framework.

Python can also make some things happen quicker. A number of useful and imperative features can be used by Python developers. With the knowledge of only a few language constructions, you can easily write the Python program, while for C# you must know a wide range of assemblies, namespaces, compilation, methods and classes.

The user can easily learn and use Python with a minimum learning curve. C# developers need lots of practice and learning before writing their first line of code in C# language. The organizations who hire C# developers look only for experienced C# developers, while Python developers usually learn on-the-go.

Static or Dynamic

Python is a dynamic programming language and its dynamic nature is quite advanced. The development process of dynamic languages is quite fast and easy. These languages require the involvement of expert team members to develop a robust and scalable program.

C# that is an almost static language includes build/compile step, that is usually not preferred by most of the programmers. An extra step has been included in the entire development process. But in such languages, the errors are diagnosed in advance even before the problem occurs.


C# performance is quite advance then Python’s performance. C# is not an open-source language so the users have to bear extra infrastructure cost to use the software. The cost of concurrent users is extra for C# then Python; you will have to pay this extra cost to Microsoft.

The performance of Python can be improved by the implementation of PyPy of JIT compiler. The speed of writing and deploying C# programs is slower than that of Python programs. Python is known for its rapid development speed, dynamic nature and easy-to-use and reusable code.

Key-Differences between Python and C#

Some of the key differences are:

  • Python is a dynamic language, while C# is a static language
  • Less variety of lines are present in Python as compared to C# programs
  • Python’s winning features are cross-platform, easy-to-learn and presence of open-libraries
  • Python programs are more readable, while C# programs require consistent syntax knowledge
  • C# is better for performance, tools, methods and custom libraries

So, it is noticeable that several features are freely available in Python, while for C# you will have to pay extra to use them. But as per project flexibility and budget you may choose the language of your choice.

Final Words

The choice of language for your project will totally depend on your exact requirement. If you need high performance and speed then Python can be the best choice for you. It offers smooth development, cross-platform development tools and a number of ready-to-use libraries.

However, if you need Microsoft integration and want to have a reliable and top performance application, then you should choose C#. C# is no doubt a better and standard choice. Microsoft is a well-recognized platform, so you can get better options as well.