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Promoting Sustainable Development Through Education

We already know how education can help impart and distribute knowledge vital for human existence and development. Education is also the key to changing people’s values and mindset to help them become more open towards global causes. Through the right kind of education, people can be moved and encouraged to embrace the sustainable way of living and realize over time the challenges caused by not promoting sustainable development. Education goes hand in hand with the concept of sustainability. It is a great instrument to spread awareness, develop skills, and allow others to contribute to sustainable activities around the globe.

The main goal of sustainable developments also known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) according to the United Nations is not only being environmentally friendly but also protecting the planet including its inhabitants from adversity like poverty and war. Due to poverty, people are not able to lead a sustainable life and get the education they need to become mindful of the harmful effects on mother nature. But education is that missing link that could help people from different classes of society to join hands and promote sustainable solutions to maintain peace and prosperity.

Ways education can promote sustainable development

World leaders believe that education is the best means to share the idea of sustainable development among the world’s population so that people start taking it seriously. A lot of people have no idea about sustainable development and/or global disasters happening all over the planet. Education can translate sustainable ideas into easily understood words so that people can understand the importance of sustainable development on earth. Education in this era of globalization made it easy to reach, contact, and communicate with others.

  1. Education is exactly what we humans need to save our planet and all its inhabitants including flora and fauna. After decades of accumulating knowledge based on ecology and demystifying the relationship with education, the time has come to describe our individual experiences and share them with the world so that people can slowly learn to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Many serious resolutions have been passed to utilize education for promoting sustainable development across the globe. By educating the young generation that we are not alone and have a responsibility of protecting our planet, we can bring thoughts for sustainable development as early as possible in the minds of students.
  2. Education has always encouraged critical thinking and the thoughts of sustainable growth require logical independence to think hard about the meaning behind our lives. Once people start pondering about their existence, they come closer to the true essence of sustainability. Deep thinking could provoke and even guide students of young age to feel respect and responsibility for the planet. Environmental sciences can help them understand how they can protect their surroundings from different kinds of pollutants. Having discussion based on sustainability can open their minds and make them take initiative many fundamental issues like the safety of animals and trees.
  3. Technology has become the need of the hour in our daily lives, and it seems like technology and humanism are not at the opposing fronts at all. Technology allows us to test our limits and sometimes even break them to achieve what we want at the end of the day. But if one must consider humanity’s relationship with technology, then it would be considered “unhealthy”. Relying on technology primarily is a mistake most of us make each day. Through the right kind of education, we can learn how this relationship could define our planet’s future. People need to have this discussion to be able to live in harmony with the planet by limiting technological advancement.
  4. Eco-training might not be a common term these days, but it is quite important for achieving sustainable growth through the means of appropriate education. There is a need for re-educating adult men and women about the disastrous effects of their everyday choices (that might seem harmless at first) on our ecosystem. Something as simple as getting a plastic shopping bag every day from your grocery shop contributes to massive landfills in the world. People no longer seem to know the actual truth behind simple things that occurs in our daily lives, but they have a right to know how the earth can be transformed and healed.

Without sustainable development, our global ecosystem has slim chances of existence, and a dark future awaits humanity if the ecosystem continues to deteriorate with the passage of time. We no longer have the luxury to sit and watch what the world leaders have planned for the reconstruction of sustainable development goals. Without sustainable development, the world would turn into a technological domain that cannot provide humans and other living organisms the sustenance they need to flourish. If we do not rush to help, the earth could turn into a cold space where nothing grows.

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