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PHP Interview Questions (Core PHP Oops, Technical, PHP Developer)

In this blog for PHP interview Questions, we have compiled a list of top 50 questions that are frequently asked by the Company recruiters. The list of questions had been prepared by the industry experts after deep research and careful observation only. Before we list the questions, here are the five categories we have used to make the learning easier for you.

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PHP Interview Questions

  • PHP Oops Interview Questions
  • PHP Interview Questions
  • Core PHP Interview Questions
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Let us dive deep and discuss on each of the categories one by one –

PHP OOPS Interview Questions

PHP is an object-oriented based framework that is popular for designing robust websites based on your convenience. Here we have given top frequently asked PHP OOPS Interview questions to make the selection process easier and faster.

  1. What is PHP and explain the meaning of its initials too?
  2. Which programming languages does resemble by the PHP?
  3. What do you mean by PEAR in PHP?
  4. How will you execute the PHP script from the command line?
  5. What is the latest PHP version in the IT marketplace?
  6. How can you activate the interactive PHP shell from the command line?
  7. Give an example of the basic PHP block of code.
  8. How can the output be displayed directly to the browser?
  9. How will you differentiate the two versions PHP 4 and PHP 5?
  10. Do multiple inheritance is supported by the PHP?

PHP Interview Questions

PHP is not a new field in the IT space but used by the website developers from years. This is expected that PHP will dominate the web development domain for many years to come. This is the reason why developers need to switch for the PHP programming framework. Here is the quick list of frequently asked PHP interview questions for your reference.

  1. How will PHP and HTML interact in the web development domain?
  2. How objects are compared in the PHP?
  3. What is a final class and a final method? Explain with example.
  4. Why one class is declared with Final keyword in the PHP?
  5. Which operation is required when values are passed to the URL?
  6. How should the PHP and JavaScript languages should interact together?
  7. How can you use the image function in PHP?
  8. How can you define the properties of an image in PHP?
  9. How exceptions are handled with different type of functions?
  10. How will you display text with PHP script?

Core PHP Interview Questions

Every time you start working with PHP, first you need to learn Core PHP then move to the advanced topics. Here is a quick list of the top 10 Core PHP Interview Questions that are frequently asked by the aspirants.

  1. How can you display the output in human readable form?
  2. How can you define the infinite execution time for some PHP script?
  3. What are PHP errors? Name a few that you have faced during programming.
  4. What is a parsing technique and how it is beneficial for some project?
  5. What is the right technique to export data to a excel file?
  6. How will you connect the SQL database with the PHP script?
  7. How will manage the MYSQL result sets in PHP?
  8. How will you access data with the help of GET method?
  9. What is the process to check the value of a variable?
  10. Is it possible to check the NULL variable too?

PHP Technical Interview Questions

If you need an attractive package then you should be technically strong and hands-on expertize in two three projects. This is your dedication and skills that will take you ahead from the crowd. Here is a quick list of PHP technical interview questions for your reference.

  1. How will you escape data before it is added to the database?
  2. Is it possible to escape the incoming data automatically?
  3. What is the process to remove the escape characters from a Strong?
  4. How will you remove the HTML tags from data?
  5. What is the significance of global keyword in PHP?
  6. How to use the hash passwords with the help of hashing technique?
  7. How can you use the return value from a particular function?
  8. What is cryptography and digital signatures?
  9. Can you define constants as well in the PHP script?
  10. How will you cast types in PHP?

PHP Developer Interview Questions

PHP developers are highly demanded by the software industries especially when they are skilled and experienced. Even they are getting good packages when hired by leading industries. Here is the list of frequently asked PHP Developer Interview Questions for your reference.

  1. What is a conditional statement and why to use it?
  2. What do you mean by the ternary conditional operators in PHP?
  3. How will you pass objects in PHP either values or references?
  4. What is a constructor and a destructor in the PHP?
  5. What is a session and how can you initiate it successfully?
  6. What is the meaning of Persistent Cookie in PHP?
  7. How will you adjust the size of file when it is uploaded?
  8. How will you check the length of a string in PHP?
  9. How can you define the scope of variable?
  10. Name any two popular string operators?

Happy Hunting and we wish you luck for your next PHP Interview!