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PDFBear’s Locking and Unlocking File Features

Security is sought for in many circumstances. Who doesn’t need and want protection, right? Everything valuable to humans must be secured. Say, for example, you deposit money on your local bank, and you will see many personnel guarding every depositor’s money because it is their vital task.

Similarly, you can see and observe this in your PDF files. One will secure his PDF files if they contain various confidential information, particular matters which must never be disclosed to the public. You may even feel the need to put a password in your PDF file. This article will discuss some critical points on how to lock and unlock your PDF files.

Unlock PDF Using PDFBear

PDFBear is known globally by most online tool enthusiasts as a well-balanced web tool. It is designed to generate the most efficient result in terms of file format alteration. If you already have a secure PDF file and feel the need to know how to unlock PDF, but you do not know how you may use PDBear’s tool in securing your file format with these easy steps:

  • Choose the PDF file and drag it to PDFBear’s server.
  • Enter the password of your PDF file.
  • Select “Unlock PDF.”
  • Their system will start encrypting your PDF file and will be ready for download.

Moreover, their password-removal system ensures that your files are still safe from getting infected with viruses or malware. With PDFBear, the only process you need to follow is the unlocking of your file. Security is not a problem since PDFBear guarantees that your files are in a safe environment.

PDFBear only requires four easy steps in unlocking your PDF file. The first step would be to choose a file, enter the password, and handle the rest by PDFBear. The system makes you at ease since the processes are all straightforward and very easy to follow.

Put The Password On, Again!

The next process involved in the file security feature of PDFBear is putting a password in your PDF files. As mentioned above, you might feel the need to add extra security to your file, and setting up a password can be necessary. It would make you feel safer since you are the only one who can see the content of your PDF file.

Moreover, putting a password is sometimes very complicated. Manually doing it could be tricky. But PDFBear makes sure that everything you do to address your file format needs would be highly doable! These simple steps of password encryption will help you out in the future:

  • Choose the PDF file you wish to put a password on, and drag it to the server.
  • The next step is to encrypt the password for that PDF file.
  • Choose the “encrypt PDF” file.
  • You can now download your encrypted PDF file!

Besides password encryption, there is a secure SSL connection to be utilized in uploading your chosen file from your local memory holder. Once they generate the protected password for your PDF file and start downloading it, another SSL encrypted connection will have double protection.

With your PDF file’s password encryption, you will not need to worry about other people that might steal your valuable file. Make sure that you will not share your password with others unless it is deemed necessary. With PDFBear as your tool, everything seems seamless with its system!

Easy To Use Tool

As said earlier, both password encryption and unlocking a PDF file are easy tasks with PDFBear. You do not need to download any software or any applications in doing so. It is a web-based tool; hence, you will just search for PDFBear’s website and try its fantastic deal!

This tool has been proven and tested by many users. It can be seen with its high rating status. Since PDFBear was made, various individuals were not so tech-savvy but could still use that tool with utmost comfort. PDFBear is guaranteed user-friendly. You need to be an advanced computer user to operate this tool!

Cloud System Supported

It is necessary to save files online most of the time so they are accessible. It is commonly done by many people using webmail. However, the most efficient way of doing so is by Cloud System. It allows you to save your unlocked or your encrypted PDF files via their system. You can always check your files out anytime and anywhere!


Securing your files is highly beneficial. Many online scammers and hackers can use your personal information for their benefit. It is essential to put a password on your PDF files, confidential or not.

Also, unlocking PDF files has been made very easy with PDFBear. There are still a lot of features that they can offer to you in relation to your file format needs. Visit their site now, and you can sign up for the free trial with a limited time offer!