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PDFBear’s Hassle-Free Conversion Tools That You Should Know

PDFBear is one of the most known websites with user-friendly tools. The site is accessible in various software and browsers you might be using. In this new working environment, we live, and electronic files are essential and in demand, for it protects our documents from unwanted alterations and viruses.

PDFBear has 26 various PDF tools that can help you with your daily jobs at work. The website gives you free access to all its services for 14 days to help you explore and get to know all their tools. It also has the web technology to keep all your uploaded files in their server private. Below are the five conversion tools you must be knowledgeable which are in demand.

The Word To PDF Conversion Tool

The Word to PDF tool is one of the most used conversion tools these days because people use MS office files more often than others. When we are writing something, we all know that creating a report, a book, article, or other things, we usually head on to the Word office file because it has all the tools needed for your job.

Converting this file to PDF is in demand by most companies before sending them to different social media accounts or emails. It helps your files stay protected from any possible alteration. PDFBear will help you convert your Word files to PDF quickly by following these steps:

  1. Select the file from your device and input it into the converter box of PDFBear.
  2. Wait until the file is completely uploaded.
  3. The conversion tool of PDFBear will scan your document and start the conversion process.
  4. When the conversion process is done, and your file is turned into a PDF file, you can download it to your device or share it to your social media accounts.

The PowerPoint To PDF Conversion Tool

The MS Office program’s PowerPoint format is commonly used by people who create presentations for various purposes, such as lectures, product presentations, sales presentations, and more. They are experts when it comes to presentations because of the different creative tools they offer.

Converting your PPT file to PDF is very important because it helps your file secure from any possible changes and makes it a lot easier to share it through email. It squeezes its size without compromising your presentation’s quality. Here are the easy steps of PDFBear on how to convert your PPT to PDF:

  1. Choose the PowerPoint file from your device and upload it to the converter box of PDFBear.
  2. The PDFBEar converter box will scan your slides. Wait until the process is complete.
  3. You can modify your PPT file when it is already uploaded to the server of PDFBear using the options available.
  4. Once done or if you don’t need to change anything, download your new PPT file in PDF format to your device.

The JPG To PDF Conversion Tool

If you are not familiar with the JPG format, these are the photos and images you have inputted into your computer or device. If you are working with newspaper companies or own a studio, the fastest way to share your photos is by converting them to PDF format. With PDF format, your file will be squeezed to a smaller size without changing its quality.

With the PDFBear tool, converting huge images to PDF makes it a lot easier and quicker. Here are the basic steps you should know:

  1. Select the photos in JPG format from your device and upload them to the conversion box of PDFBear.
  2. Once uploaded, a small window will pop up to choose your desired option for your images.
  3. Once you have selected your option, click the “Convert” bar and wait until your conversion is done.
  4. Open the PDF file and double-check your new format, then download it to your device.

The Excel To PDF Conversion Tool

The Excel MS Office program is home to the computation world in an electronic file. We often use this file format to create a data presentation that involves numbers. Most of the Excel files are confidential and should be safe from any alterations because when one number is changed, your Excel presentation is destroyed.

Converting your Excel file to PDF keeps all your numbers and graphs safe from alterations. Here are the easy steps available from PDFBear that you must know:

  1. Upload the Excel file from your device to the conversion box of PDFBear.
  2. Select the options available according to your preference.
  3. When you’re done choosing an option, click the “Convert” bar and wait until the conversion is complete.
  4. Once complete, download the file to your device for your use.


PDFBear has all the necessary conversion tools that you need for your pdf download files, and all of their tools are easy to use. You can access the tools anywhere you are using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The key to a safer file is to convert them to PDF.