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PDFBear: Convert Docs to PDF Easy and Free

Office workers, students, teachers, businessmen, and researchers are now very reliant on technology-based documentation which makes their work more productive and can be saved for the long run. One of the tools they use is PDF or Portable Document Format. It is software wherein the format of a document retains its exact format whenever it is shared with other users. When using a word processor for and it is shared, the format changes which makes it unreliable for sharing with other users.

The changes in the format of a file could lead to a piece of misleading information and create confusion among users. This happens because the users might be using different word processors, or with the same word processors, but with a different version.

Converting the word document to PDF has become a common thing to do by the people who always share their documents with others. PDF is a great help to many as it can also be used to print out sent documents. It is convenient for it works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops with any operating system. The popularity of using PDF converters on word documents resulted in many appearances of PDF converters online. However, there is a particular PDF converter that is convenient to use and it’s free to use. It is the PDFBear.


PDFBear is an online site that offers different services in converting a variety of document files to PDF and vice versa. It is software that can be used for free and accessible on any platform. It can convert Doc to PDF, and even PowerPoint, Excel, and image formats and vice versa. It is a versatile tool, for it also offers other options for PDF editing. It can edit the content of the document, delete pages in the content of PDF files, add watermarks to the document, add signature or eSign, add a password for the confidentiality of the file, and share documents through the link.

The services provided by PDFBear are for free. To access PDFBear, you only need a gadget (whether a smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop), an internet connection, documents to be converted, and little time. It does not require any payment and licensing fee when using it. For every service they offer, they also provide the direction or process to be followed in using each service.

It is a very ideal tool to use for office workers, students, teachers, businessmen and researchers, and many more workers that use word document sharing and translatable for twenty-two major languages in the world.

How to Convert Word Document to PDF Using PDFBear

Word documents that are used nowadays vary on the choice of the user. Since there are many word processors with different versions, users choose which one to use for their document. It can be in Microsoft Word, WPS, and other text formats like HTML. With the use of PDFBear, you can convert any word document to PDF to ensure that your document file will be shown in the way you created it without changing it. To convert a word document to PDF using PDFBear, you have to follow four steps only. Make sure that you are connected to the internet.

In order to convert the word document to PDF with the use of PDF Bear; first, go to the PDFBear website. Second, select “Word to PDF” among the services provided on the PDF Bear homepage. Third, click “Select Files” to upload your word document from your storage that you want to convert or drag and drop your file into the converter box.

PDFBear will scan your word document. Wait for a few seconds as PDF Bear autostarts the conversion process. Fourth and lastly, when the word document file is converted to PDF, it will be ready for you to download and save the file instantly into your computer. You can also copy the download link if you want to send it to your social media accounts.

You can also continue to eSign, merge, compress, convert images or start over to convert other documents. There you have it! You have completely converted a word document to PDF with the use of PDFBear!


With many other PDF converters that exist online, PDFBear surely is one of a kind. Choosing PDFBear as your PDF converter is a great choice to make. It is very trustworthy to use with functions regarding PDF, from converting document files to editing and sharing. The services provided by PDFBear are created for people who have been looking for a more productive work session.

PDFBear’s features do not limit to one option but for over twenty and counting. As long as there are other services to offer, PDFBear will continue to improve for the benefit of many users worldwide. PDFBear can also be translated to twenty-two major languages in the world, allowing it to be accessed and used even by non-English speakers and readers. It is accessible on any device, may it be a smartphone, laptop, tablet desktop with different operating systems as long as you have an internet connection.

Using PDFBear will surely lessen the stress from your workload by making it easier for anyone to access and free of use. There might be a lot of PDF converters online, but the great features and services provided by PDFBear are the reason it’s the perfect online PDF converter for you!