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2D Shapes Mensuration Formulas

\[\ Area\;of\;Square = l^{2} \]
\[\ Perimeter\;of\;Square = 4 \times l \]Where,
l : length of side
\[\ Area\;of\;Rectangle = l \times w \]
\[\ Perimeter\;of\;Rectangle = 2 (l+w) \]Where,
L = Length
w = Width
\[\ Area\;of\;Circle = \pi r^{2} \]
\[\ Perimeter\;of\;Circle = 2 \pi r \]Where,
𝒓 = Radius
d = Diameter
d = 2𝒓
\[\ Area\;of\;Scalene\;Triangle = \sqrt{s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)} \]
\[\ Perimeter\;of\;Scalene\;Triangle = a+b+c \]Where,
a, b, c are Side of Scalene Triangle
\[Area\;of\;Isoscele\;Triangle =\frac{1}{2}bh\]


b = Base of the isosceles triangle
h = Height of the isosceles triangle &
a = length of the two equal sides

\[\large Perimeter\;of\;Isosceles\;Triangle,P=2\,a+b\]

a = length of the two equal sides
b = Base of the isosceles triangle

\[ Area \;of \;an \;Right\;Triangle = \frac{\sqrt{1}}{2}bh\]

\[ Perimeter \;of \;an \;Right \;Triangle = a+b+c\]

\[ semi\;Perimeter \;of \;an \;Right \;Triangle = \frac{a+b+c}{2}\]

b is the Base of Right Triangle.
h is the Hypotenuse of Right Triangle.
a is the Hight of Right Triangle.

\[ Area \;of \;an \;Equilateral \;Triangle = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{4}a^{2}\]

\[ Perimeter \;of \;an \;Equilateral \;Triangle = 3a\]

\[ Semi \;Perimeter \;of \;an \;Equilateral \;Triangle = \frac{3a}{2}\]

\[ Height \;of \;an \;Equilateral \;Triangle = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}a\]

a is the side of an equilateral triangle.
h is the altitude of an equilateral triangle.

\[\large perimeter\;of\;a\;rhombus =4\times Side\]
\[\large Area\;of\;a\;Rhombus = A = \frac{1}{2} \times d_{1} \times d_{2}\]
d1 and d2 are the diagonals of the rhombus bisect each other 90-degree angle.
\[\ Area\;of\;a\;Parallelogram = b\times h\]
\[\ Perimeter\;of\;Parallelogram = 2\left(b+h\right)\]
b: Base
h: Height.
\[\large Perimeter\;of\;a\;Trapezoid\;=a+b+c+d\]

a, b, c, d are the lengths of each side.

\[\large Area\;of\;a\;Trapezoid\; = \frac{1}{2} \times h \times (a + b)\]
h = height
a = the short base
b = the long base

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3D Shapes Mensuration Formulas

\[\large Surface\;area\;of\;Cube=6a^{2}\]
\[\large Volume\;of\;a\;cube=a^{3}\]
a is the side length of the cube.
\[\large Surface\;area\;of\;Cuboid = 2(lb + bh + hl)\]
\[\large Volume\;of\;a\;Cuboid = h \times l \times w\]
l: Height
h: Legth
w: Depth
\[\large Diameter\;of\;a\;sphere=2r\]
\[\large Circumference\;of\;a\;sphere=2\pi r\]
\[\large Surface\;area\;of\;a\;sphere=4\pi r^{2}\]
\[\large Volume\;of\;a\;sphere=\frac{4}{3}\: \pi r^{3}\]
r: Radius
\[\large Curved\;Surface\;area\;of\;a\;Hemisphere =4\pi r^{2}\]
\[\large Total\;Surface\;area\;of\;a\;Hemisphere =3\pi r^{2}\]
\[\large Volume\;of\;a\;Hemisphere =\frac{2}{3}\: \pi r^{3}\]
r: Radius
\[\large Curved\;Surface\;area\;of\;a\;Cylinder =2\pi rh\]
\[\large Total\;Surface\;area\;of\;a\;Cylinder =2\pi r(r+h)\]
\[\large Volume\;of\;a\;Cylinder = \pi r^{2} h\]
r: Radius
h: Height
\[\large Total\;Surface\;Area\;of\;cone=\pi r \left (s+r \right )\]
\[\large Vomule\;of\;cone=\frac {1}{3}\pi r^{2}h\]
\[\large Curved\;Surface\;Area\;of\;cone=\pi rs\]
r is the radius of cone.
h is the height of cone.
s is the slant height of the cone.

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