Latest FPS to Play Right Now 2022

Are you looking for some good first-person shooting titles? Are you tired of playing and replaying the old ones and want something new and fresh? If so, you have come to the right place. Below we have listed some of the latest FPS to play right now. So, keep reading and find out your new favorite title.

Super People

If you’re searching for something similar to the Ring of Elysium, give this new title a go. The main concept of the game is battle royale at its heart; join your squad, kill some enemies, and be the last team standing. The fundamental gameplay elements, such as movement and shooting, are identical to PUBG; however, where Super People varies is in the addition of classes, each with its own set of powers and bonuses. As you go through the game and collect crafting elements, you may create more powerful weapons and armor that perform really well.

As the game progresses, you level up to unlocking traits and abilities which feels pretty good. The decently sized map is also amazing. Overall, Super People is a fun game and arguably better than PUBG so check out to decide for yourself.

You can play this amazing title by downloading and playing it for Free on PC with Steam. So all you need is a solid internet connection and you are good to go. For those of you having trouble with your internet service, switch to Spectrum Internet ®- a more dependable option that won’t let you down in the middle of the game.

Rolling Thunder

This well-developed FPS by Splitting Point Studios is another amazing free-to-play title. You and four friends descend into the jungle, and it’s your mission to take out the AI enemies before moving on to the next zone. You unlock more and more weapons as you score more kills, making it simpler for you to score more, and you’ll need those weapons since the AI can be extremely challenging in large groups and they also have unpredictable spawning.

When you realize that this game is truly a Roblox game, it looks great even if it may initially appear to be very ordinary visually. It also maintains a consistent gameplay style with previous Roblox shooters, making it both familiar and simple to pick up and play.


If you enjoy classic first-person shooters, this appears to be the contemporary equivalent—the new FPS that may put a stop to all others! Not only is the graphic style amazing and detailed, but the gameplay is fast, intense, and chaotic. It is not your typical first-person shooter (FPS), but rather a challenging game that calls for actual skill while still looking nice and retro. The game is a Roguelite, where you will use incredible weapons and spells. You can tell that it is a Roguelite shooter from the “Painkiller” developers because of the game’s more traditional shooting mechanics.

Overall, it’s a fantastic title that you shouldn’t pass up.


This is the next big game from Bethesda, the incredible team behind hits like The Elder Scrolls. The creators are back with a new project this time: a game about space exploration. Given that it won’t be released for a few months, we don’t know much about it, but we can tell that it is a story-driven RPG where you play as a space explorer in the future when mankind has colonized space. The creators have slowly revealed facts about some of the worlds and civilizations, although things are still quite vague. We hope it stands out from other generic first-person shooters, and with all honesty, looking at the few available details of this title makes us feel like this year, the Falls season is going to be a busy one for gaming!

Stalker 2:Heart of Chernobyl

This is the game that its creators previously attempted to launch quite some time ago. This title’s development continued for a while but eventually came to an end. But now that it’s back in development, we know more about what to anticipate from the debut.

You will be traveling toward the Zone like a bounty hunter. As a result of the Chornobyl disaster, the region is severely radioactive. Both human enemies and mutant attackers will be encountered. The game has a stunning visual appearance. Overall, it seems like an FPS where you probably need to use some strategy in addition to your brain. Once more, a title to look forward to.

To Conclude:

We can say for certain that some pretty amazing FPS titles are being released this year. Above we have mentioned some of the best ones to play for some fun-filled experience. So download them and enjoy!