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JQuery Interview Questions for Experienced, Fresher (Practical, Tricky)

JQuery is the client-side scripting language and it is based on the HTML DOM model i.e. Hyper Text Markup Language / Document Object Model that is especially designed to simplify the CSS or HTML scripting. Today, JQuery is used by a variety of Companies and this is the reason why demand for JQuery professionals is increasing day by day. In case, you are planning to start an IT career in the JQuery field then this is just the best choice for beginners and experienced both.

In this blog, we will discuss the frequently asked JQuery interview questions for fresher and experienced that are highly suitable for this profile. As this is one of the best scripting languages, so we have compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked by interviewers during an interview.

JQuery Interview Questions

To simplify the interview process, we have divided the JQuery interview questions in four popular categories as mentioned below –

  1. JQuery Interview Questions
  2. JQuery Interview Questions for Experienced
  3. JQuery Practical Interview Questions
  4. JQuery Interview Questions for Fresher

Let us dive deep and discuss the interview questions for each of the categories one by one –

JQuery interview questions

In this section, we will focus on the basic JQuery Interview Questions that usually asked by fresher and easy to learn as well. If you have a little knowledge of the scripting language then you can answer these questions quickly.

  1. What do you mean by the JQuery and what are the requirements of JQuery?
  2. DO syntax of JQuery is similar to the HTML and XML scripting languages?
  3. Can you name a few methods that can be used to add effects?
  4. What is the importance of $() function in JQuery? Explain in brief.
  5. List some of the common JQuery advantages.
  6. How will you differentiate the class selector and ID selector in the JQuery?
  7. How is the JQuery library loaded with the help of CDN?
  8. How will you explain the class and ID in JQuery?
  9. What is the meaning of grouping in JQuery?
  10. Which operating system is most compatible with the programming language?
  11. How will you differentiate the length and size in JQuery?
  12. What are the Ajax method parameters in JQuery?
  13. What do you mean by the CDN? Explain its types too.
  14. How will you debug in the JQuery? Explain most popular techniques that are used frequently.
  15. What do you mean by the basic selectors? Explain its types too.

JQuery Interview Question for Experienced

In this section, we will discuss the frequently asked JQuery Interview Questions for Experienced. They are suitable for the professionals who have already worked on the platform and looking to change the new job for hikes.

  1. How will you add the face effect in JQuery? Explain based on your past experiences.
  2. How can you add the custom animation in JQuery?
  3. How will you define the read, write, and the delete cookies in JQuery?
  4. Define the chaining and grouping in JQuery.
  5. How will you differentiate the sorting string array and sorting numeric array in the JQuery?
  6. How will define the difference between attr and prop?
  7. How to add the JQuery version in the web page?
  8. What is resize () function in JQuery? Explain its significance too.
  9. Write a basic code to add the JQuery library to the web page.
  10. How many types of selectors are used in JQuery? Explain with example.

JQuery Practical Interview Questions

In this section for JQuery practical interview questions, we will list the popular questions that are asked to evaluate your practical knowledge on the platform. If you answer these questions effectively then your overall chances of getting hired by top MNCs will increase tremendously.

  1. How will you add images to scroll one over another?
  2. What are the different types of AJAX functions in the JQuery?
  3. What guidelines should be followed by the application for progressive enhancements?
  4. How will you prevent events to work on after AJAX methods?
  5. How will you check an element either it has a specific class or not?
  6. What is significance of box display in animations?
  7. How will you extract a query string with the help of regular expressions?
  8. How will JQuery store the data related to the element?
  9. How will you send a request to server? Explain the common methods with example.
  10. What is plug-in? can you create your own plug-in in JQuery?

JQuery Interview Questions for Fresher

If you are applying as a Fresher in the JQuery field then you don’t have to go into deep but learn these questions and improve your overall chances of getting hired by Companies.

  1. What is JQuery and how can we use the JQuery in ASP.NET?
  2. How will differentiate the JQuery and the JavaScript?
  3. How will you add the JQuery code in your application?
  4. How controls could be hidden or showed in the JQuery?
  5. How will you define the Page Title in JQuery?
  6. What are JQuery Connect and AJAX methods?
  7. How will you verify the elements existence in the JQuery?
  8. What do you mean by the empty method in the JQuery?
  9. How will you implement the animation effects in JQuery?
  10. Which method is used to stop or disable the animation in JQuery?