Is Scrabble Dictionary the same as a Word tool?

Scrabble is a word game that never fails to get you out of boredom. It is a classic word game in which you have to make words to score points. You can use new or existing words to score points.

Different letters give different points in specific word games. For instance, some games might give you more points for using high-scoring letters, and some might give you extra points for using words with more letters. 

There are word tools like Word Finder, Word maker, Word expert, and more that can help you win several word games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, Words With Friends, etc.

Word Tools to Use With Scrabble

One of the best word tools you can use with Scrabble is the Scrabble dictionary. Several Scrabble dictionaries are out there that tell you about all the valid words in Scrabble.

These dictionaries also give you a list of all valid words per your search. For instance, Scrabble US and UK dictionaries can give you all the allowed words and phrases of their respective games. I’ll give you more details about these Scrabble dictionaries at the end.

Apart from dictionaries, there are some other tools you can use to win Scrabble. Let us look at them.

1) Word Finder

You can find these types of tools under names like Word Finder, Word Maker, Word Expert, Scrabble Word Finder, etc. However, almost all of them do the same task, i.e., to find the words for your Scrabble game.

You can use these tools in many ways. For instance, you can enter conditions like

  • 5/7/9/11-Letter Word: It will give you all the valid words with 3 or 5 or as many letters as you need,
  • Words Without Vowels: You can also search for words that do not have any vowels. You can use them in Scrabble, other word games, or in real life. You can also see this list if you want to learn some common ones,
  • Words Starting With a Specific Initial: You can also search for words with any specific letter from A-Z. You can take advantage of these types of tools in other games like Wordle, Crosswords, Bananagrams, etc.

2) Scrabble Dictionary

Yes, Scrabble Dictionary is also a word tool. It is different than other tools because it does not allow you to search words with conditions upfront. You can only check if a word is valid in Scrabble by entering that word as it is.

These dictionaries or tools often tell you if the word is valid in different Scrabble games like Scrabble UK, US, Canada, and more. Also, some of them tell you if the entered word is valid in other games like Words With Friends and Boggle.

These dictionaries are different from the traditional ones as they might not have all the words that are valid in a traditional dictionary and vice-versa.

Wrapping Up

Avoid using word tools and dictionaries in a competitive game because it is not legitimate. Scrabble dictionary is also a word tool you can use to make Scrabble easier.