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How Your Apartment Will Always Look Tidy

The 10-30 rule will always keep your home looking tidy. Living like the pros: What do people do differently whose home always looks neat and stylish? They know the 10-30 rule!

You know when you have lived in an apartment for so long that you have kind of gotten lost in it? Or you just want to have a nice room to have the best experience of the best casino in NZ? Or keep entering other people’s four walls in amazement, wondering why your place does not look like this?

Because you do not have to be a DIY or interior design queen to create a beautiful home. In fact, it is not even about style or furniture pieces, both of which are simply a matter of taste. What is more important is how you handle your home. And this is where the so-called 10-30 rule helps.

The Rule For A Beautiful Home

How does the 10-30 principle work? It is simple: Go 10 steps further and take 30 seconds more than you normally would. Sounds simple. It is. Do it right once rather than halfway. And to finish things thoroughly, it usually does not take more than a minimum of effort – 10 steps or 30 seconds is enough.

The secret behind it: How you treat your home shows. If you give yourself a little more time and space for all things in the household, whether it is organizing the laundry, taking care of the plants or even the question of where to hang the new mirror, the result will thank you.

Nowadays, everything should happen quickly and immediately. But the home is a place where we should definitely break away from this fast pace.

When you enter someone else’s home and feel that brief wow effect, pay attention next time: it is rarely the actual tidiness or cleanliness that fascinates you. It is the care. You can tell when a room is being cared for by its occupant – who is happy to sacrifice a few extra yards and seconds each day to do so.

The Best Examples

3 examples of the 10-30 rule in the home

Do not put your documents and letters in the popular intermediate drawer – but put them in the right place right away.

For a new piece of decor/furniture, think 30 extra seconds about where you want to put it and take 10 steps back to get an overall view.

When you gather dishes from rooms, do not just put them in the kitchen, put them in the dishwasher right away. The same goes for clothes – we do not throw them randomly on the chair, but hang them directly back on the hanger according to the 10-30 rule.

Positive side effect: Not only will your apartment be neater, but you will also be more mindful.

What Trend You Should Know

There is an entire trend to make your home look always neat and tidy: the Smart Living:

Ever wondered what people do differently with perfectly tidy homes? The answer is “smart living” – and we’re completely in love with the practical living trend.

You know those apartments where it is always tidy? When you walk into the room, the glass table is gleaming, there are no socks or magazines anywhere to be seen on the sofa, and you could eat off the floor without so much as a speck of dust getting lost in your mouth. One question remains: How do the residents do it?

If you have ever caught yourself thinking this, we have got just the thing for you: there is a home decorating trend that will automatically keep your home looking spick and span.