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To write a compelling article, you need to have a writer’s gift and understand the topic you are writing about.

What does it mean to write an effective and efficient article? It means the rational and adequate use of time, materials, or energy without wasting them.

Writing a practical and actionable article means preparing the correct paper correctly. If the report contains data and facts, they must be confirmed by referring to reliable sources. For example, the Statista site is an excellent resource that deals with statistical and accurate data and facts.

Thus, it is easier for you to operate with these facts when you have confirmed and verified information, which means the article will be reliable.

Computer science is a fairly complex discipline. Any software development company is involved with exceptional knowledge and skills specialists. So when you’re writing about software, it’s essential to have a checklist for checking your paper if you want to take a software engineer’s point of view.

Here are the steps to writing reliable IT articles:

1. Define an idea

Everything starts with an idea. It may be a problem that you or someone you know is experiencing. Or maybe you read about some pain in the field of information technology and want to raise this topic. When your idea solves someone’s problem, you’re on the right track.

2. Do your research

After a quick search on the Internet, you can find that someone has already taken up your idea. But this only means that you can explore different points of view and write your conclusions. It was a problem that cost others who were already trying to solve it. It does not mean that their solution is good.

3. Create value

Forbes lists the art of writing as an endangered species. It makes sense – it doesn’t matter if your idea is unique or others have already had the same thing. What matters is that your product creates value for the user. Don’t imitate, but don’t reinvent the wheel either. Summarize the results of your research and build on them. Readers should strive to read your article to the end.

4. Keep it simple, stupid

This principle will help you focus on the essentials, avoid excessive perfectionism, and leave the essence. It’s good to use simple sentences and make your content easy to digest. Don’t complicate things. Josh Kaufman once said:

“The more complex the system and the longer it works, the higher the chance of a major failure.” If you write overly complex sentences and include a lot of repetition, your readers will lose interest. Be specific.


Writing an article on any topic is an art and a unique talent. Writing about software-related issues is even harder, especially if you’re not an expert on the subject. However, using the tips from this article, you can get as close as possible to writing a good essay and operating with facts, not speculation.

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