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How to Master Chemistry in JEE Main 2021 Exam?

JEE Main exam which is the most admired exam in the country and given by the engineering aspirants all around the country. Students prepare and give exam in order to get admission into their dream college such as IIT’s, NIT’s, IIT’s and, GFTI’s. The subjects which are covered are Physics, Chemistry, and, Maths from the senior secondary level. For getting a good percentile and rank students need to score good marks in each and every subject.

As the competition is high what is required from the student is to prepare thoroughly. For the year 2021 JEE Main will be conducted 4 times and in 13 regional languages. Though this is a new challenge for the NTA, which is the conducting body. Students need to be well prepared for the exam in spite of the number of times they have to write it.

The Chemistry section is considered to be the most scoring section in the JEE examination and mostly students attempt the questions from the chemistry first in order to save time and attempt the other sections. All JEE Main competitors should prepare all the domains of Chemistry well with the goal that their scope of getting higher-good percentile increases.

Many students tend to leave the Chemistry subject as it seems to be the light subject when compared with Mathematics and Physics. Chemistry being the scoring subject cannot be left like that as it will only affect your overall score. Moreover, student need to completely focus on all the subjects equally as it will only help in the future when he or she will write the exam. For the preparation of JEE Examination one needs to know that each and every subject holds equal importance. If by chance any subject is left then it can let the student in big trouble.

JEE examination has the objective questions and to attempt those questions you need to be clear in your concepts. For answering any question, you need to first dig the concept behind it so that you are able to find a solution for it. Preparing each and every subject thoroughly would be a great thing before giving the JEE examination. Mathematics and Physics do have a certain level of difficulty and their questions are always a task to solve. But that doesn’t make sense to underprepare one subject which is also the scoring one.

What is required is the stability between all the three subjects. An equivalent attention should be given to all the subjects for attaining the right percentile in the examination. Chemistry subject can boost your JEE Main score if prepared properly. Scoring a good percentile in Chemistry is not rocket science you can score the best when you prepare thoroughly with complete determination. Now the question is how can you prepare for the Chemistry? What are certain techniques you would require in order to ace that subject parallelly along with the other two subjects that are Mathematics and Physics? Here in this article, I will guide you to the answer to the above questions. You will get to know how you can prepare for the Chemistry subject.

Here are some tips you can follow to master the Chemistry subject in JEE Main 2021.

Know the Chemistry syllabus

Knowing the syllabus for any exam is a must. In the same manner make sure you are familiar with the Chemistry Syllabus. Go through the entire syllabus of the class 11th and 12th Chemistry NCERT textbooks. A student would be already familiar with the three domains in the Chemistry subject that is the Organic chemistry, Physical Chemistry and, Inorganic chemistry. These three domains or categories consists of different topics from which different model questions can be expected in the examination. You need to know the concept behind every topic in order to answer the questions. By knowing the entire syllabus student can have knowledge about the weightage of the topics from all three domains. So here it is important to completely understand the topics which are needed to be covered.

Exam Pattern weightage

             UNIT              TOPICS (Class XI)       WEIGHTAGE
              1. Basic Concepts of Chemistry            1%
              2. Structure of Atom            2%
              3. Classification of elements and periodicity            2%
              4. Chemical bonding & Molecular structure             5%
              5. States of Matter             2%
              6. Thermodynamics             8%
              7. Equilibrium             6%
              8. Redox Reactions             3%
              9. Hydrogen             3%
             10. s-block elements             2%
             11. p-block elements             2%
             12. Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles             4%
             13. Hydrocarbons             3%
             14. Environmental Chemistry             2%
Class XII Topics
               1. Solid State               2%
               2. Solutions               5%
               3. Electrochemistry               2%
               4. Chemical Kinetics               3%
               5. Surface Chemistry               2%
               6. Isolation of elements               2%
               7. p-block elements               5%
               8. d- and f-block elements               4%
               9. Coordination Compounds               9%
              10. Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers               4%
              11. Haloalkenes & Haloarenes               3%
              12. Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids               4%
              13. Organic compounds containing Nitrogen               2%
              14. Biomolecules & Polymers               6%
              15. Chemistry in Everyday Life               2%

Prepare by keeping weightage in mind

The above table gives the weightage according to the syllabus so you can prepare the topics by keeping the percentage in mind. Various different topics will cover questions which can come in the examination. In the chemistry section you can find the questions from all three domains that is Organic, Inorganic and, Physical Chemistry. Questions can be based on theory as well as numerical so make sure you prepare both the theory and numerical.

Segregate your topics

The topics you would like to prepare first and which you find are easy to understand you can do them first. Hereby segregation, I mean to separate the strong and weak areas of the whole chemistry syllabus. By separating these topics, you can make it an easy thing as you would be only doing the things which would save you time. While preparing it is very important that you prepare efficiently and not waste your time. The topics segregation would help in making you first do all the easy topics at first and then slowly you can do the difficult topics.

Organic Chemistry

In organic chemistry topics such as Halogens, Alcohols, Amines, Aldehydes, Hydrocarbons, etc are some of the topics which should be covered thoroughly. The Organic chemistry plays a crucial part in the Chemistry subject. Under such vast domain you need to know the complete set of different reactions which would help in solving the questions. The reaction part of the Organic chemistry can be tricky so one needs to be completely focused while attending any question. This can only be done when your concepts are clear enough. All that isomerism and its structure plays a key role in Organic chemistry. Make sure you properly understand the reaction concept because that is the base to solve any question in organic chemistry.

If you are clear with your concepts then you can ace the questions from the organic chemistry very well.

Physical Chemistry

For Physical chemistry you should know that the numerical part is mostly covered as the most important topics here in this category are Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Liquids, solutions, Electrochemistry, etc. Under these topics the numerical part is asked in the JEE examination. One thing again I would like to emphasize is the concepts clarification because in Physical chemistry also one needs to know the process to proceed further in the problems.

Inorganic Chemistry

Under Inorganic chemistry the topics like chemical bonding, s-block elements, p-block elements, coordination elements are some of the important topics. From Inorganic chemistry the greatest number of questions are expected. For this category of chemistry, you need to memorize a lot. As in Inorganic chemistry most of the part you need to keep it in your memory to answer the questions asked in JEE examination. For the reference you can refer to other books but it would be best if you consider NCERT first and then look up for other options.

Solving previous year’s question papers

It is crucial for you to solve the previous year’s question papers as the practice from that will give you a clear-cut idea that what you can expect from the question paper. Solving the previous year’s question papers would make you increase your solving speed and you will also know your weak point while solving the question papers.

Take guidance from online platforms

There are various platforms for online coaching for IIT/JEE which helps which helps you in your preparation for the JEE Examination. These online coaching classes are very convenient according to student’s preference. They make sure that the aspirant gets the student friendly environment. Also, they provide with materials and 24*7 doubts clearing sessions with the faculty.


As obvious as it might sound but to be honest revision is the only thing which will make you remember things for the long-term. The revision process should be done as and when you complete one topic. Whenever you prepare for the exam the most important thing should be revision as it will keep the knowledge in your mind and you will never forget the topic you have read.

Consistency and Determination

The last thing which matters is your consistency and determination toward the preparation. To excel in the exam, you need to give more and more effort and it should be consistent. Practice all three subjects thoroughly and make a proper balance between them. This would definitely help you in making you excel not only in chemistry but also in the other subjects as well.

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