How to Make My Essay Longer: A Complete Guide

Essays are vital academic papers as they are graded and used to determine the final GPA you attain. Thus, you should follow all the assignment’s instructions to receive attractive grades. One of the guidelines you can’t overlook is the paper’s word count.

Why do academic articles have word count specifications? It helps you stick to the specific issues on the topic. That way, you won’t include anything irrelevant. Moreover, you’ll make your essay ideas clearer and easy to follow. So, you should take the assignment’s volume requirement seriously and ensure you write the specified length.

Ways to Make a Paper Longer

Imagine a situation where you have a 2,500-word assignment to complete. The word count may seem intimidating to you. After you type all the ideas you collected, you notice that you still haven’t met the required word count. What should you do to make your academic paper longer in such a scenario?

Add Supporting Evidence

Regardless of the type of essay you’re writing, the professor expects you to include supporting evidence. They are elements that support your point of view on the subject. The evidence could be from other external sources, including relevant examples, statistics, and irrefutable facts. You increase your chances of attaining a top grade when you submit an essay with sufficient evidence.

Do you want to make a paper longer and meet the set word count? Go through it carefully while assessing the content in all the paragraphs. Where you feel you didn’t include enough examples, do so. Your supporting evidence can also be in the form of relevant quotations from your research pieces- ensure you cite any borrowed information appropriately.

Ensure That You’ve Included Everything

Have you tried everything but still haven’t met the minimum word count? Supposedly you haven’t included some crucial details. Take a second look at the essay rubric. You may have forgotten that your argumentative essay should have a counterargument.

As you review the rubric, take note of specific items. For instance, ascertain that you’ve answered all the questions in the essay prompt. If not, you should include any content you had forgotten. That way, you’ll end up with a longer essay.

Use Transitional Phrases

Transitional words play an important role in your paper – they make your ideas flow seamlessly. In this case, you can also use them to make an essay longer. However, you should only add logical transitional phrases where necessary.

Read your article carefully and pinpoint specific sentences where these phrases could fit to achieve a longer article. Some transitional words for making a composition longer include:

  • However
  • Additionally
  • Although
  • Secondly

Take Another Look at Your Outline

The outline of your composition is important in making the ideas flow seamlessly. Look at the outline requirements before you begin writing your paper. If you notice your article still isn’t long enough, it’s time to assess the outline.

How does looking at the outline help? It makes it easy to determine if you omitted any crucial details from the article. Besides, it helps locate the paragraphs you should split or make longer. Such strategies go a long way in making your paper longer, even without changing the essay’s font size.

Review Your Introduction and Conclusion

The introductory and concluding paragraphs are the sections to focus on as you try to make your essay longer. As you continue writing your paper, you may have included one idea you didn’t highlight in the introductory paragraph. Adding highlights of such ideas to the introduction will make an essay longer.

Reviewing the conclusion paragraph also helps you to make your essay longer. Assess it carefully and ascertain that you reviewed all the issues you’ve discussed in the essay’s body. If you had overlooked one idea, add it to achieve a comprehensive and longer article like those you would find on platforms like buyessay.

Read Your Essay Aloud

Writing a long essay is an exhausting task. It becomes even more frustrating when you fail to meet the recommended page length even after trying your best. A technique for adding more words is to read the essay aloud. It helps to quickly identify sections that need fixing to make an essay longer.

However, you shouldn’t begin reading your piece immediately. Take a break and do something unrelated to writing. For example, take a walk, watch your favorite movie, or sleep.

Come back to your essay with a fresh perspective. Read it loudly and take note of sentence structure, grammar, or any detail you may have left out of the paper. Correcting these issues will result in a longer article.

If you find it difficult to read the paper, get someone to review it for you. You’ll easily notice what to add to achieve a longer article as you listen. Moreover, the person reading your paper might suggest the changes would result in more words.

Spell Out Numbers or Contractions

Sometimes, your professor will instruct you not to use contractions as you write your essay. Contractions make your paper short and sound informal. Thus, spelling out contractions will make your essay formal and longer and formal. For instance, changing “doesn’t” to “does not” makes it two words.

Where you used numbers like “101”, you can write them in words. For example, writing this as one hundred and one increases the number of words from one to four. If you had many such numbers, spelling them out could cause a significant change in your essay’s word count.

Breakup Paragraphs

When you assess your essay paragraphs, you can split some of them to develop more paragraphs. As you do this, you make your academic essay longer without interfering with its quality. If anything, breaking up the paragraphs helps make your essay more comprehensive.

How do you make your essay more impressive as you break up the paragraphs? Do more research to find multiple examples to support your claims in the new paragraph. You can also split some sentences to make the essay message clearer.

Try Some Essay Services

You shouldn’t let your essay length be a problem for you. You can seek help from your friends or other writers you know. They can give you great ideas for increasing your composition’s word count. Where it’s possible, seek clarification from your professor.

Another option to explore is to order essay online cheap. Use these pieces as samples to guide you on how to meet your tasks’ length requirements. Emulate other writers who understand what essay writing is all about. A complete essay increases your chances of attaining a top grade.


It shouldn’t be hard to adhere to the required minimum page count during essay writing. You can review your piece and include more relevant details. Also, split the paragraphs, edit contractions, and add transition phrases. The strategies will help you make your essay longer without interfering with the font size.