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How to Express 0.575 as a fraction?

Are you looking for answers to this question (How to Express 0.575 as a fraction?). Then you should follow steps that are mention below for the solution of this question (How to Express 0.575 as a fraction?).

Step 1: Any number divided by 1 equals the original number. We can write \( \frac{0.575}{1} \)

Step 2: Multiply both numerator and denominator by 10 for every digit after the decimal point. \( \frac{0.575 \times 1000}{1 \times 1000} \)

Step 3: Simplify the multiplication \( \frac{575}{1000} \)

Step 4: Simplify the Fraction \( \frac{575}{1000} \) [Divide by 5]

=> \( \frac{115}{200} \) [Divide by 5]

=> \( \frac{23}{40} \) [No common factor of 23 and 40]

Result \( 0.575 \; as \; a \; \frac{23}{40}  \)

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