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When students are assigned essay topics to write on, they complain about the topic and prefer to choose their topic more often than not. They fail to realize that choosing an essay topic maybe even harder, and you may not choose a better or simpler topic to write about.

However, the essay topic is a crucial part of your essay, and even though you take it for granted, you can’t write anything meaningful without a good topic. Choosing the wrong topic may cause you to struggle, and you may fail to show your understanding of the subject and your critical analysis skill. This means that choosing a good topic may determine if your essay will be good or not. Although you have the option to outsource your essays to, you may also decide to write them by yourself at some point. If this is the case, choosing the right topic is the first step. Here are a few steps to help you achieve this:

Know why you’re writing

There’s a purpose or reason behind every writing, and this is determined by the main subject and your goal or what you intend to achieve with the writing. So, before you pick up your pen, ask yourself what the essay’s goal is. An essay has four main purposes: to explain, inform, entertain, and persuade. Make sure your topic can fit into these purposes.

Brainstorm essay topics

Choosing your essay topic may be an advantage because of the freedom you get. However, the myriad of options is what makes it difficult. This is why you need to brainstorm these topics, and you have to start by determining if there’s a specific focus for the article. The instructions should tell you if you can pick from a range of topics or if you’re writing about something specific. You can go back to your syllabus and look for areas that may catch your lecturer’s interest and is important to your course. Then make a list of potential topics.

Choose topics you’re interested in

It’s not enough to pick a topic; you should be able to write about something that fancies your interests. A major advantage of picking your essay topic is that you get to write on something that interests you, so make sure you don’t throw this advantage away. Create a smaller list of topics that interest you from your list of potential topics.

If you write about something that you’re interested in, the audience will be able to sense your enthusiasm while writing, and it’ll be easy for them to get engaged. In contrast, if you pick a topic that’s boring to you and uninterested in, you best believe your readers can’t find your essay interesting.

Have an idea about the topic

As important as your interest in the topic is, it’s more important that you also have an idea about the topic you’re writing about. Again, this helps to cut down the number of topics left on your list. It may not be enough to be interested in a topic if you know nothing about it. Thankfully though, your knowledge of something can make you more interested in writing about it. However, if you know nothing about a topic you’re interested in writing, it’ll be safer for you to consider other topics you know a thing or two about.

Analyze your potential topics

At this point, you already have a shortlist of topics that you can write on. The next step is to research and analyze each topic before settling for anyone. You want to ensure that there are enough materials online for you to write your essay about this topic and that the sources you find contain reliable and verifiable information. If you somehow end up choosing a narrow topic and there are not enough materials about it online or in other potential sources, you would struggle to write anything. It would be impossible for you to write, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge about the topic. This is another reason why you should choose a topic you know about.

The ideal topic of choice should have sufficient information, details, and sources, all within your reach and easily accessible. It’s possible in some cases that the topic is too wide. In this situation, you have to narrow the topic down by making it more specific about something. This way, you’ll be focusing only on the information you need, and your essay will be more specific. For instance, if you’re writing an essay about climate change, it’s a very broad topic, but you can narrow it by making it specific to a location. So, your topic can be “Climate change in the Mediterranean region.” There’s still enough information, but your essay will be more specific.


Choosing the right topic is the first step to writing a good essay. If you fail at this point, you may fail to write a perfect essay. The tips discussed in this article will help you choose your essay topics well.

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