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There are numerous jobs you can choose from in the major pharmaceutical industry. The jobs in the industry are well-paying and can be career satisfying as the career is edged toward humanity.

The jobs in the industry pay above average and earn higher when compared to jobs of the same level in other industries. There are also opportunities for career advancement in the industry since there are entry and high-level jobs available. You can work your way up the top to gain more recognition and earn a higher salary.

The good thing about the various jobs available in the industry is that no matter the one you choose, you still earn well and all the jobs pay well.

Some of the Jobs Available in Major Pharmaceuticals

There are numerous jobs available in major pharmaceuticals. This presents you with the chance to choose jobs within your level, taste, and ability. Also, since the jobs are closely related, you can always switch to other jobs in the industry.

Here are some of the jobs available in major pharmaceuticals:

Research Scientist

The primary role of a research scientist is to do research relating to the improvement, production, and assessment of drugs to ensure they hit the mark for medical requirements. This line of the job requires intensive research. You have to be attentive to details, have a good memory, and be precise.

This line of work can be cumbersome and require long hours of research in the lab and field, so it’s not surprising that research scientists are one of the high earners in the industry. The average salary of a research scientist in the major pharmaceutical industry is $80,000 annually.

Pharmacology Professor

The average salary of a pharmacology professor in major pharmaceuticals is 94,000 yearly. They are one of the highest-paid and rated professionals in the major pharmaceutical industry. Though their salary can be highly influenced by the university and college of education they work in.

The key function of a pharmacology professor is to take part in teaching, researching, and also to publish research papers. To work as a pharmacology professor, you need to at least have a doctoral degree in pharmacology.

Medical Writer

The average salary of a medical writer is $104,000 in the major pharmaceutical industry yearly. These professionals sit at the top as one of the top earners in the industry and they have their contributions to the industry to show for it.

To work as a medical writer, you need to have a deep knowledge of medicine and the way the industry works. The job is quite draining, so it’s not surprising they are one of the highest earners in the industry.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous jobs available in major pharmaceuticals and you can always choose a job type that fits your level, taste, and ability. Regardless of the job you choose, they pay above average. You can choose to switch to any similar job in the industry; you only have to be considered eligible and you would be accepted.

The career path also presents career advancement opportunities, job security, and job satisfaction, and is one of the most sought-after career paths in the country.

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