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Hardware and Networking Interview Questions for Freshers, Experienced

Hardware and network engineers are the core part of any It team within an organization. They are responsible to implement, maintain, support, develop, and designing communication networks either within organizations or outside the organizations as well. The goal of a network or hardware engineer is to ensure integrity and high network infrastructure availability to provide maximum performance to the associated users.

Companies are always in the search for skilled resources who could handle the network requirements efficiently. The opportunities are just the endless but you should be capable enough to give a right boost to your career. Here, you should definitely think of the training or certification courses in networking. Also, decide the certification course based on your level of expertize like freshers, experienced, or intermediates.

Getting a job in the networking field is not an easy task because the competition is quite high and you need to prepare yourself well to crack the interview. For this purpose, we have prepared a list of frequently asked hardware and networking interview questions for freshers and experienced that will increase your overall chances of getting hired by top MNCs worldwide.

Hardware and Networking Interview Questions

To make the interview process easy, we have divided the article into four major categories as given below –

  1. Networking Interview Question
  2. Hardware and Networking Interview Questions
  3. Networking interview questions for Freshers
  4. Networking Interview Questions for Experienced

Moving ahead, we will discuss each of the categories one by one and the associated interview questions too.

Networking Interview Questions

In this section, we will discuss the basic networking interview questions that can be asked by freshers or experienced both. You must be sure of their answers before you appear for an interview. All the Best!

  1. Name any two popular types of transmission technologies available so far.
  2. What is the subnet? Explain with example.
  3. What is DNS? How to configure it in a few simple steps?
  4. What do you mean by hidden share or the administrative share?
  5. Name all the layers available in the OSI model.
  6. What are the roles of a client and a server in a network?
  7. What is the meaning of frame relay and define its role in the OSI model?
  8. What is a MAC address? Give one example.
  9. Are there any prerequisites when configuring a server?
  10. What is the difference between attenuation, distortion, and the noise?
  11. What is an IP address and explain its significance in the network designing?
  12. Do you know the difference between the bit rate and the baud rate?
  13. What is the purpose of ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol?
  14. What are the major types of networks available so far?
  15. What are topologies and explain their significance too?

Hardware and Networking Interview Questions

No IT company can exist without hardware and network engineers. This is the reason why network professionals are highly in demand but they should be skilled enough to get the right job. Here is the list of hardware and networking interview questions usually asked by the experts during an interview.

  1. What is different between static IP address and the Dynamic IP address?
  2. What is a Link?
  3. Name the possible types of LAN cables used.
  4. What is a cross table and explain its importance too?
  5. A gateway works at which layer of the OSI model?
  6. What do you mean by the forward look up and the backward lookup in DNS?
  7. How will you differentiate the IPV4 and IPV6 in networking?
  8. What do you mean by the backbone network?
  9. What is LAN, MAN, WAN?
  10. What do you mean by the router and explain its basic roles too?
  11. How will you select the best router for your network?
  12. What is anonymous FTP and its significance?
  13. What is standard and extended ACL (Access Control List)?
  14. What do you mean by the RAS (Remote Access Services)?
  15. What is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

Networking interview questions for Freshers

Network engineers are responsible to create a computer network that could be LAN, MAN, or WAN. The role and job responsibilities of a network engineer vary based on the Company structure and its services. Here, we have given a few easy network interview questions suitable for fresher candidates.

  1. How many layers are defined under TCP/IP?
  2. What is RIP (Routing Information Protocol) and its significance too?
  3. What is a firewall and why is it important for any network?
  4. Do you know how to set up or configure a firewall?
  5. What is a node and the subnet mask?
  6. What is maximum length allowed for the UTP cable?
  7. What do you mean by the data encapsulation?
  8. What is VPN and why is it important for any business?
  9. List the possible ways to secure a computer network.
  10. What are the proxy servers and why are they important for your network?

Networking interview questions for Experienced

In this section, we will discuss the top 10 networking interview questions that are usually asked by the experienced candidates.

  1. How will you assign an IP address to some network?
  2. How to check the IP address of a computer?
  3. Write the step to configure the firewall for a computer network.
  4. What is address sharing and explain its benefits too?
  5. What is the MAC address? How can you define the MAC addresses?
  6. What is star topology and how should you define it?
  7. Do you know how to define gateways for a network? Discuss based on your previous experiences.
  8. Give a few examples of network private addresses.
  9. What is the main role of ARP (address resolution protocol)?
  10. Do you know how to design an FTP server for data exchange?