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With the help of electron dot structures, this is easy to showcase the total number of valence electrons as dots of elements. The valence electrons generally occupy the highest energy and it can be obtained using periodic tables too. For example, in the given periodic table, 2A column has two valence electron, 3A column has three valence electrons and so on.

Electron Dot Structures Formula

First of all, you should write the substance in symbolized form and start adding dots onwards as per the count of valence electrons. Most of the times, dots are added in the clockwise direction until the total number of valence electrons are not shown well. The maximum limit set for the total number of electrons is eight.

Let us see how should you add dots around the chemical symbol. Start adding the dot around the element in clockwise direction and add one dot at a time only. After this, you can pair th e dots, once all four sides are packed well. Based on the rule, only two electrons can be paired together not much. So, the total number of counts is limited to eight here.

A single electron dot formula will not explain the delocalize bonding properly, so the resonance description is used here. Based on the resonance definition, we can define the substance with delocalized bonding and try to write maximum electronic dot formula too. At the same time, Lewis electron dot formula is taken more powerful and descriptive in nature and makes the calculation little easier as compared to other techniques available so far.

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