Calcium Chloride Formula – Equation and Problem Solved with Example

Calcium Carbide is a common calcium salt having a plenty of household and industrial applications. The chemical formula for the compound is CaCl2 and a molecular mass of 110.983 g/mol approx. This is an ionic compound where calcium cation is connected with two chloride anions as shown below in the chemical structure.

Calcium Chloride Formula

The natural occurrence of the compound can be felt in minerals in the form of salt deposits. The product can also be prepared by mixing hydrochloric acid and limestone together.

CaCO3 + 2 HCl → CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O

The product is released as a major by-product when manufacturing soda ash by the Solvay process where limestone is made to react with NaCl solution. This is an odourless white powder that exists in granules or flakes form. It is highly soluble in water and quickly absorbs moisture from the air. It gets dissolved in water in an exothermic manner and releasing excessive heat too. On continuous heating, it again decomposes to the calcium ions and potassium chloride ions.

The major uses of the product can be seen as food additive, food preservative, as brine in refrigeration plants and more. The product is also added in the swimming pool for water treatment and it can be used for desiccating purpose too. The other popular uses of the product are metallurgy, dye manufacturing, paint industries, oil-well drilling and more.

This product is not taken toxic when used in limited quantity along with foods. However, it may cause irritation when comes to contact with eyes or skin.

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