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Widgets are amazing for the customization of your phone. By using them, you can create a unique and authentic look and streamline your everyday processes. For students, it means easy access to educational and organizational apps along with other favorite tools. If you want to transform your iPhone to make it look esthetic, this guide is for you.

Widget X

This is an amazing application that makes customization of an iPhone easy and exciting. Students can personalize their home screen with ready-to-use designs. Or you can create your own from any picture you own or search for art at some online gallery, like

Another great feature is that students can adjust existing widgets as well, including:

  • Text font;
  • Text color;
  • Background colors;
  • Upload your picture as background;
  • Use icon packs, etc.

This is an amazing and user-friendly tool that works on all iOS 14+ devices. There is a good library of existing themes and designs available.


This is a powerful widget that allows you to create quick access to your favorite and most-used apps. It is fully customizable and offers the opportunity to start calls, message people, or even send emails.

You can always have easy access to the features you need, whether it is your favorite music streaming app or the top assignment services for college papers. For instance, if you are struggling with an essay, with just a couple of clicks, you can request professional help. Experienced authors will nail any subject, topic, or format. They have years of experience and know all about college assignments, whether you need a term paper or dissertation done.

With Launcher, you can have such assistance always at your fingertips. This is extremely convenient and allows students to keep up with the curriculum and deadlines without any hustle. It is also a great learning opportunity as you get to collaborate with the best experts in the field.


This is another great solution for smartphones. There is a great collection of pre-made widgets. Students can also customize them to their liking.

One of the exciting features is dynamic adjustments. For example, you can set the weather to show up in the morning on your home screen and calendar to show up only on workdays. Also, this solution works with an Apple ring, so if you have it, the adjustment becomes even easier.

Smart Stack

It is another amazing app with dynamic functionality. It will show widgets according to your user behavior. If you tend to listen to music at a specific hour, it will show the appropriate widget. Or it will show reminders when you are used to checking your plan for the day or week.

This is very convenient. Smart Stack also supports Siri suggestions and allows you to scroll through essential information from your home screen.

You can delete the ones you do not need or change the way they appear. Overall, it is functional and simple to use.


This is one of the top solutions if you want to completely transform your home screen. Students can design it the way they want with a full range of adjustments. It comes with

  • Over 5000 ready icons;
  • More than 500 pre-made themes;
  • Decent library of widgets;
  • Ability to create custom icons for applications.

Spark Mail

This is a pretty handy tool for busy students that need to keep up with a lot of emails. It is perfect for managing your inbox and reducing clutter. Also, it allows tracking messages from the home screen, which is quite convenient. And it comes with several design options, so you can adjust it to your liking.


Fantastical is perfect for organization and time management. It features a calendar and task manager to keep track of all your reminders and deadlines. And it comes with a weather forecast functionality for those who plan outdoor activities or trips.

There is a solid variety of available design options. Students can choose to showcase the list of events and calendar or the list of events and dates.

In Summary

The new iOS functionality offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to making the best of your device. With custom widgets and solutions, students can create unique designs, icons, and themes. They can also make it easier to access the most important applications of files.

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