6 Popular Apps for University and Study

College can be a daunting experience. Along with dealing with a ton of homework and classes, managing your time and money to meet all your obligations for a semester is difficult. These abilities frequently take a long time to develop, which can make your first year of college miserable. Like many freshmen, I found it difficult to balance my responsibilities at university, frequently missing deadlines for assignments and experiencing excruciating headaches while doing so. Once I discovered apps that could provide business homework help and remind me of due dates, my troubles decreased.

In this article, I will share with you six popular universities and study applications to assist you in overcoming the burden of fitting in at university.


For better search engine rankings, Jasper is the greatest artificial intelligence for finishing your sentences and organizing your work. This tool assists you in overcoming writer’s block by providing new ideas for each new sentence.

Jasper also allows you to specify your writing style, ensuring that each document is formal. This AI writing tool also bears multilingual writing capabilities, making it a helpful tool for students everywhere.

Jasper thus helps you to hone your essay writing skills better and also to overcome complex assignments without exceeding deadlines.


Audacity is a fantastic platform for audio editing and recording. The free, open-source tool can be used to record your classes, modify the audio, and get rid of background disturbances like hum, static, and hiss.

This application is very useful for lectures because it lets you review the lesson and fix mistakes in your notes. As a result, you may concentrate more intently in class and learn the subject matter better.


Evernote is a popular note-taking and time-management tool among students. Using this software, you can make notes using text, illustrations, photos, site information, and audio.

In contrast to its counterparts, Evernote is also compatible with PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files. You can then convert your notes into your favourite file type and access a variety of media using this tool.

You may also annotate notes and modify, tag, and export your documents in a variety of formats using this software. The ability to scan and capture images, as well as the ability to integrate the program with your calendar to send you reminders for upcoming tasks, are among Evernote’s greatest features.


Academic essays require high-quality language that clearly reflects the concepts you want to convey. Grammarly makes it simpler to proofread your document by providing fixes for a variety of problems that may exist.

You may also use Grammarly as a Firefox or Word add-on to make modifications to your essays in real-time. With the help of this program, you can make sure that your work is clear and readable by highlighting passive sentences, difficult phrases, and redundant terms and suggesting solutions for each one.


The program Mint is excellent for keeping track of your finances and spending. This app’s data helps you to fine-tune your expenditure and pinpoint locations with the highest costs.

With this knowledge, you can better manage your funds, track your expenses, and change your budget. To assist you in adjusting your spending, Mint also provides premium coaching services and a free credit score.


Quizzes are an excellent tool for evaluating your comprehension and identifying areas needing more revision. Unfortunately, students frequently struggle to access customized quizzes.

For this reason, Quizlet is an effective tool to have in your study toolbox. Using the help of this program, you may make assessments on various topics with a wide assortment of illustrations and definitions.

Additionally, Quizlet lets you make flashcards, which helps the visual learner retain cues that point out links between important ideas in the coursework.

Final Take

Managing your college life needs not to be a daunting task. These apps should come in handy to help you manage your commitments and to deliver quality assignments without compromising on time.