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Math tutoring is often considered a bit more complicated to get right as compared with subjects that are more reliant on concepts, theories, and written material and its application. The reason might be that mathematics (in both teaching and learning it) requires an entirely different set of mental skills and many children struggle with it in ways they may not struggle with history or even science. Here are some great ideas to find the ideal math tutor and to ensure a level of success in your child’s learning journey.

Do Your Own Homework

Ideally, you should be involved in your child’s progress in school even if he/she has good teachers or is capable of doing homework all by themselves. Establish a budget for your math tutor and make a list of what you assume are the best qualities for one especially keeping in mind your child’s own personality.

Writing down and having a preemptive set of goals is also very important so that you have a way of gauging how helpful a tutor will even be. Make sure to gather term lesson plans and other school materials so it is easier to fully equip a tutor with what your child needs to learn before the term is up.

Teachers Are An Invaluable Resource

When considering math tutoring for your child, you must not discount the vital role your child’s school teacher plays. A school or class teacher spends quite a bit of time daily with your child and will be able to provide an objective third-person perspective. Discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses in math with his/her teacher to better assist in the search for the ideal tutor. In most cases, school teachers know of professional tutors and will be able to make a successful match if they are aware a parent is looking for these additional academic services.

School teachers because of their position and insight are also better equipped to answer various vital questions such as what is the best way to motivate your child, which skills can they better develop to improve their understanding of the subject, how often should tutoring lessons take place for maximum retention? Furthermore, overarching questions like the child’s personality, their learning style, and the teaching style they best respond to, also become imperative when looking for a math tutor.

Online Is The Place To Be

While the ideal situation is a word-of-mouth recommendation from a teacher or fellow parent you trust, sometimes the best matches for the ideal tutor are made online. While searching online however try to steer clear of yellow pages where you are less likely to find competent and appropriately qualified tutors.

There will definitely be tutoring services in your city or state operating near you that can provide you with a tutor. So when you search ‘maths tuition singapore’ for example you should see tutoring agencies and services pop up where you can search for (and even schedule video call interviews with) various tutors for each subject. It might be a good idea to let your child introduce himself on these interviews and ask them about their opinion as well regarding which tutor they found the friendliest etc.

In view of the global pandemic situation, many parents are trying to minimize outside exposure as far as their children are concerned so online math tutoring is a preferred option for many. If you want a more comfortable, safer, and flexible option, you can sign on for private online lessons for your child as well.

The Great Tutor Checklist

Finding a brilliant tutor is not just about qualifications but also their experience and success rate with previous or current pupils. This is in no small way dependent on their personality. Look for the following traits in the tutors you shortlist:-

  • The tutor should be a good communicator especially with children of various ages. It is not enough to just know the course material but the way they impart knowledge and use practical examples is also of paramount importance.
  • Patience and tolerance are essential traits for a children’s tutor. You want someone who is tolerant and kind, open to queries, and willing to put in the time to re-explain material as often as needed.
  • The tutor should be incredibly passionate about math and in love with numbers as children respond best to an imaginative and creative approach and a mundane teaching manner is unlikely to inspire them.

Ask Around

Getting recommendations from other parents is one of the best ways to get a great math tutor and this may even allow you to skip the trial lessons and hire them outright. Student organizations and community centers are also a fool-proof way to find excellent tutors, in some cases it is better to hire a university student as the age gap will be lesser so your child might be more comfortable with the tutor and more motivated to learn.

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