5 Benefits of Having PMP Certification

There are no limits to certification and courses in the ever-growing world of cutting-edge technology. So, you can prove your proficiency and expertise over it. However, the value of each certificate depends on the demand in the market. Therefore, PMP certification has become the preferred certification for non-certified project managers in today’s world. The project management certification that PMI (Project Management Institute) offers is one of the most sought after and rewarding certifications for non-certified project managers.

With advances in technology, now the project is not limited to the IT industry but happens everywhere. They way PMP certified project managers handle the project brings the best return compared to non-certified project managers. There is an increased demand for certified project managers in the market. And it is due to the multitude of opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries.

Introduction PMP Certification

From hospital care to the manufacturing domain, and from construction to the IT industry, PMP certified project managers have the highest demand in the market. As projects get more complicated with time and need to finish faster, there is always growing demand for certified project managers in the industry. Project managers deliver consistent value and rely on different skills against different roadblocks. So that; they can divide the project into minute tasks and make it more profitable.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers endless benefits for PMP Certified Project Managers. That includes discounts on the PMP Certification exam fee. Once you become a PMI member, you can save a huge of 150$ immediately. You will even get a free digital copy of the PMBOK book guide, which will cost you around 56.99 USD. It is where you can save various relevant standards and frameworks on different chapters in the PMP course. Ultimately your go-to guide for enhancing your project management skills so that your works get noticing among the humongous project managers.

So here in this blog, it is time to learn about the seven benefits of PMP certification it adds to the career. Let us dive in and explore each of them in more detail. 

Career Advantages Having PMP Certification 

The PMP certification establishes a common string of languages among project managers. And it also helps each other to work as a whole.

The demand for the certified project manager is sky-high. When it comes to hiring, recruiters and firms prefer project managers having PMP certification over non-certified project managers. Their experience and skills make them stand out from non-certified project managers.

The PMI can help you grow your career by volunteering in the project management community. It can help you to expand your network by sharing your success stories.

You will receive better job prospects since you are a PMP certified project manager. You will have many advantages over non-certified project managers.

More Networking Opportunities

With your work experience and success stories, you will find new opportunities for yourself to connect with the world, and the world will connect with you. That way, your network will grow, so will new opportunities for yourself. People can recognize you through your successes and the way you handle any project. And everything that makes your project more successful, along with noticing your work. Again, you will be in the team of certified project managers with opportunities to leverage your networks participating in the professionals meeting that PMI organizes to make you aware of different job opportunities in the market.

Increases Your Marketability

A PMP certification is recognized globally by the entire business community and accredited internationally. One of the best advantages is that it enhances your marketability and validates you as a project manager with certification and experience. This way, you can apply for any job related to project management, and again you can join anywhere there are project management jobs available across the globe.

Even, you will participate in forums and social media groups to showcase your expertise or seek advice.

Priceless Experience That Makes Project More Effective 

With ever-increasing competition in the global job market, PMP certification will give you an extra edge to get yourself the best job in the market and pursue your dream career in project management. PMP has more than 666,000 PMP certified professionals spreading over 200 countries with global opportunities.

You can directly see up to a 20% hike in the current salary compared to non-certified project managers. Hiring certified professionals will increase the credibility of the organization in delivering projects within the agreed-upon time. Even though it makes you the most asset to the organization, it also enables the organization to win more business.

Why Do the Industries Look for Certified Project Managers?  

The basic outline of project management includes planning, organizing, securing, controlling, leading, and managing other resources for specific goals. Being a project manager, you will build various strategies. And you must evaluate at every step and make your team understand the importance of everything that comes into the project. And even to monitor the progress of the work.

Industries look for certified project managers over non-certified project managers because certified project managers are key people who decide the skill set that the project needs. It includes setting the budget for the entire project. Conduct regular meetings with the people to discuss the progress of the project. The roadblocks experienced, and ways to overcome them.

Again, utilizing a work breakdown structure and agile project management methods to divide the project into smaller components. So, the duration of the primary project and subprojects can be easily determined. And, for managing the culture of the team and organization along with various processes associated with it.

It is even harder to handle multiple projects at a time, even for certified and non-certified project managers. But with the right training and experience, managing various projects becomes easy. Project managers with PMP certifications have a much lower chance of failure, and they always have the highest demand, with a raise of up to 20 percent in their current salary.

What Are the Prerequisites for PMP Certification?

Prerequisites for PMP Certification are:
  • A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate degree, or global equivalent). Including five years (7,500 hours) of project management experience and 35 hours of PDU (Personal Development Unit) or contact hours.
  • Or a four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent). Including a minimum of three years (4500 hours) of project management experience and 35 hours of PDU or contact hours.

The above are prerequisites that are highly essential for non-certified project managers to get their PMP certification. And if you are already meeting these prerequisites as a project manager. Then you can apply for PMP certification.

How Can You Renew Your Pmp Certification?

To renew your PMP certification, you need to have 60 PDU (Personal Development Units), at least 35 of which should get spent on upskilling yourself, and 25 of them for giving back. The PMI will audit your reported PDUs to check whether they are valid or not. After you have completed the required requirements, PMI will notify you of your eligibility for certification renewal. PMP members can pay $60, and non-members can pay $150 for the renewal of certification, along with another three years of certified project management professional.

You can earn these PDUs by attending the PMI conference, taking classes at a PMI-registered institute, and taking part in recognized events and workshops.  You can renew your certificate focusing on education based PDUs. These educations based PDUs include technical project management, leadership development, and strategic and business management. Wherein, you can get at least eight PDUs from each of these. Like this, you can earn 35 PDUs here.

You can earn 25 PDUs by demonstrating your project management skills by contributing to good causes, advocacies, and charities. Another way to gain eight PDUs is to mentor, coach, write articles, or otherwise create resources for PMP.

Knowing the Status of Your PMP Certification and PDUs

To keep yourself updated and never miss any opportunity to pay the penalty about PMP certification and PDUs. You can use a dedicated tool, which is popularly known as CCRS or Continuing Certification Requirement System. The CCRS is an online tool with a robust dashboard and an easy-to-use application, where you can monitor your PDUs and PMP certification.

CCSR allows you to keep track of the following:
  • The number of days left until your PMP certification expires.
  • How does your PDU align with the requirements of the CCR?
  • The number of PDU you still need to renew for renewal of your certification.
  • Summary of all your PDU claims.


No matter which industry you choose to work in or dream for the future. Project managers will be in demand always. It is because industries will evolve with projects, and certified project managers know how to plan and provide the work. Project managers will gain more experience as the work progresses or the number of projects they completed. Even projects are the reason why we see tremendous growth in industries and technologies. And foreseeing this, the demand for project managers will continue to rise. And with the growing demand for more and more projects across different industries.

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