3 Proven Tips For Landing A Job After Graduation

  Tips For Landing A Job After Graduation

Landing an emotionally and financially fulfilling job is a challenge even in the best of times but attempting to do so right after graduating with minimal professional experience can seem extremely difficult. Here are some proven tips to use and market the skills you bring to the table and position yourself for the job of your dreams.

1). CV/Resume

No matter what anyone tells you, your resume is the greatest preliminary indicator of how skilled and gifted you are and what you can potentially offer to an organization if they hire you. Spend a lot of time on your CV (curriculum vitae) or resume and never underestimate the importance of even obscure or short internships and previous job experiences.

If you are really positioning yourself for success, hire a graphic designer to give your resume a professional design and feel and a professional copywriter to ensure all is worded the best way it can be with minimal grammatical or spelling errors.

Use grammar checkers and other writing software if you are writing out your resume yourself. A pointer to remember when composing a stellar CV is to always write in bullet points rather than long rambling paragraphs.

When job panels or managers look over a CV, they want to get to the point fast as they have multiple ones to peruse over and long paragraphs or personal stories will make them skip yours in favor of someone else’s. Bullet points also appear professional and formal which is a must in the work environment regardless of profession.

2). The Extra Mile

A common mistake freshly graduated students just entering the job market make is applying to several jobs all at once without paying too much attention to the individual requirements of those organizations, firms or businesses.

Choose quality over quantity and pick only a few jobs to apply to and then tailor your resume slightly for each job application. Use insight and online research to better understand what each organization is looking for so you can showcase those abilities, skills and job experiences that will make you into an attractive candidate.

Many jobs nowadays require specialized testing for their candidates particularly for more high-profile or financially lucrative jobs so bear in mind how to manage time in order to prepare for those tests and access all testing materials. Certain jobs will also require an essay from each of their candidates at the time of application outlining topics like what makes the person ideal for the organization.

3). Knowledge About Opportunities

With a mix of networking, research and awareness, know about the opportunities in your area or relating to your line of work for training, courses, internships and starter jobs as that can all help build your portfolio in a competitive market. Platforms like Higher Hire list jobs by category and area making it easier to find opportunities near you so you can better equip yourself to apply within the time frame and to adequately prepare for any additional requirements.